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Our passion for providing only the best quality food led us to build a catering offering that centres around the finest raw ingredients. We look for produce that is grown, raised or made as close as possible to our central production unit on Pearse Street, in order to maximise freshness, minimise the impact on the environment and support the sustainability of our local communities. 

At our central production unit seasonal daily menus are produced for our catering and retail sites by our experienced and talented team of chefs and our pastry team.


  • By supporting local farm production we acknowledge the 'face' behind the food we consume which keeps us connected to seasonal produce and the unique flavours and diversity of local crops

  • To support our local food economy

  • By buying from local growers we cut down on oil/petrol used through transportation, in turn reducing the impact on the environment

  • Local produce is fresher and therefore healthier

  • To support and maintain the world class Irish heritage of cultivating fantastic produce, meat and dairy products

  • KC Peaches continues to partner with our suppliers to educate and inspire our customers and clients about the outstanding quality and benefits of our products and to promote our philosophy 'Eat Well, Live Well'.

We believe that by nurturing supplier relationships we are able to provide the best ingredients possible to our customers.

Supply chain and whole-foods supplier relationships is a vital part of his role choosing our suppliers can provide full traceability on all products which is vital to our service.

Here are a number of our verified Origin Green Suppliers:
The Bretzel Bakery | Java Republic | Bowlers | Britvic | Silver Hill Farm Glanbia | Glenilen

We, together with our approved suppliers, have a strong commitment to ensuring we minimise our impact on the environment. At KC Peaches, we are working to eradicate all single use plastics

Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility with Key Waste

KeyWaste works with KC Peaches across the entire company including our stores on the high street and in our central production kitchen allowing us to practice and maintain a Zero Waste to Landfill Policy.
They help us create:

  •  Waste Management programmes

  • Inform our staff and customers on how to manage your waste at home and at work 

  • Advise on any waste related innovations

  • Provide Waste reporting and statistics at every stage of the process

Procure Wizard

Since the introduction of Procure Wizard we have been able to put in place a full 360° kitchen management solution that produces report on our waste. It encompasses everything that we do from menu engineering to stock control, ordering and allergen management. It allows us to integrate all departments in both our retail and catering sites by connecting to our EPOS systems to create flash reports at every stage of our service.
Our full Food Control system allows us to monitor our daily orderings. Stock control & waste levels. We are now able to create reports that can give us exact data that monitors our production scales and waste. This software enables us to only record waste at every KC Peaches site while also giving us the understanding as to why it has been wasted but more importantly provide the management tools to set in place a waste reduction plan.


Through KC Peaches’ membership with Repak, we have an obligation to reduce waste and push our providers to reduce their output. Our goal with Repak

  • Regulate and incentivise producers of waste, particularly packaging, to ensure the prevention of waste and the use of recycled materials in packaging products

  • Develop and implement a suite of measures to reduce the impact of single-use plastics

  • Support the development of eco-design and circular economy opportunities to reduce waste over the full lifecycle of products

  • Lead the transformation from waste management to circular economy practice and reduce our general waste by 50% by 2021

We are committed to eliminate all single use plastics.

  • Disposable coffee cups

  • Disposable cups for water

  • Plastic straws

  • Disposable cutlery

  • Sandwich platters

  • Fruit salad pots

  • Jam pots

  • Plastic salad bowls

Food waste

At KC Peaches we have always strived to be mindful of food waste but we know more can always be done. We have learned that fighting the war against food waste can not be achieved alone and so we actively seek collaborations and partnerships with companies that enable us to make impactful strides in reducing food waste. In 2021 we partnered with Too Good To Go, which enables us to reduce food waste at the end of the production chain whilst also offering customers affordable access to our healthy, homemade meals every day. Now we are delighted to be partnering with Positive Carbon, whose smart technology allows us detailed insights to our food wastage at every step of our production process. 

In line with the EU Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 2030 targets we aim to reduce food waste throughout our company by a minimum 50% in the next 2 years. We hope to continue to work with collaborates and companies driven to helping businesses like KC Peaches achieve these targets in the hope that together we can make an impact on positive climate solutions for the future.

Supplier map
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