KC Peaches was founded in 2006 by Katie Cantwell who traded in her career in corporate consulting to pursue something a little sweeter in Dublin. With a passion for food developed in her native Seattle and nurtured in France, she yearned to bring naturally flavourful food to the masses.


Co-owner and fellow foodie Vincent Carroll shares Katie’s vision of providing a healthy option for those who work and live in his native Dublin.


Together they’ve fulfilled their mission, changing the way Dubliners think about food by serving a wide variety of simple yet sophisticated all-natural dishes.



Being passionate foodies we insist on the best raw materials and where possible we buy food produced, grown or raised as close to our central production unit in Pearse Street which in turn maximises freshness, minimises our impact on the environment and supports the sustainability of our local communities.

At KC Peaches we strive to use local producers wherever possible. This practice ensures you have a fresher, better tasting sandwich, salad, pastry, soup or stew. Our reputation and brand expansion are closely linked to our support of local farmers and food made “from scratch”.  KC Peaches highlights seasonal treats to ensure our customers receive the freshest possible food.

We are committed to eliminating single use plastics from all our stores. We use compostable and/or recyclable, or reusable packaging. 


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