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Working from Home- Top tips and tricks

While working from Home was once an uncommon practise, it has now been forced upon the majority of office workers.

Many Irish adults who before wouldn't even consider opening Microsoft word in the comfort of their kitchens or bedroom, are now taking 9am meetings in a shirt and pyjama bottoms.

The traditional home has now become a workplace, school, daycare and nightclub all mashed up into one. While it was a fun novelty at first, many people are starting to feel the effects and this may start to impact peoples productivity levels and most importantly their mental health. In this post we would like to share some of the best tips we found on how to have the best quality of life while Working from home, and also which methods have worked for us

Prepare yourself

One of the biggest things that we have agreed as a team help us to be the most productive is a structured morning routine. Getting out of bed at 8:55am and rolling down the stairs or across the room to your desk more often than not will lead to a groggy, unproductive start to the day. It could also make you feel like you have no separation from your work and home life, if they both just start moulding into one.

Our advice is to get up in the morning and do something before getting to work which breaks up the two. Previously when we commuted the work, this separated both lives for us. Some examples could be to go for a walk or jog, head downstairs and get a good breakfast, shower or shave.

Try not to eat at your desk at all, set scheduled meal times and fully take a break from work at these intervals. These are also known as work 'triggers', as they trigger your brain to let it know you're starting the working day

Find out when you are most productive, If you're a morning person, start the day off with some of your toughest, most thought provoking tasks. This way you won't leave all the jobs you don't want to do until the end, and potentially end up not getting around to them and feeling unproductive or unaccomplished when finished up for the day.

Make your Workspace appealing

It is really important to set up a designated workspace for you to use everyday, too much moving around or working on couches, beds etc can create too much of a relaxed environment which may not promote performance in the way a desk in your bedroom or the kitchen table might do. Add some decorative touches to your workspace, including some DIY shelving to decrease cluttering or paintings to boost creativity.

Lighting is said to be one of the most important factors in staying focused while working, dark light can cause fatigue, eye strain and headaches. Open windows and doors to let natural light in, use lamps in a number of areas in your house where its dark or on cloudy days. This can also help with air circulation in your work area, which is another key factor in improving focus and clear thinking

Untidiness is a huge distraction for people and its so important to make sure your desk is clean and organised before the start of everyday. Spend at least 10 minutes before work making sure your workspace is clutter free, so your brain doesn't get cluttered along with it. it's also extremely important to have all your equipment set up in such a way that your body is not gradually strained or effected by it, heres a video on how to do that:

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