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Tips for Exercising at Home- Stay fit inside those four walls

Although walks and 5k runs have become the new go to form of exercise during a year full of lockdowns and restrictions, people may be getting sick of the same route around their local park over and over again.

Home workouts have replaced gyms for many people across the country, and there are tons of resources out their to set you up with little to no equipment required!

Here are a few tips to help you find the best workout for you, and some examples of bloggers and sites we have found helpful!


1. Set your goals on what you want to accomplish from the workout, whether you're looking to lose fat, gain strength or even just to feel like you have done something productive for the day.

2. Pick a set time you plan on doing these exercises, whether that's in the morning after you wake up, on your lunch break or after work. Be realistic with the amount of time you can set aside for yourself each day, consistency is key here (even if it's only 15 minutes a day).

3. Dedicate an area in your home to your workout space, where you keep all your equipment and workout gear. This installs the mindset of going to one place at a specific time to get your exercises done!

Resistance Bands

Resistance Band exercises are hard to argue with when it comes to a home workout. They require very little space, are cost effective and can facilitate a full body workout in just a 20/30 minute session. Start of light with the weight of the band, which can be bought in any local sports shop or superstores. Here are a couple of beginners workouts to get you started:

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