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The importance of Breathing Properly

Are you sure you know how to breathe properly? This may sound like a ridiculous question on first glance. Of course you know HOW to breathe, it's something we never had to learn or even focus on to go about our lives. However this is the reason we often take breathing for granted, and don't pay enough attention to it.

It's no coincidence that every meditation technique utilises breathing in all methods to calm and relax the body. When you're anxious, the first piece of advice someone will give you is to take deep breathes and focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes.

The ability to control our breathing is one that is so valuable, and we would love to share with you the different ways you can use this ability to positively effect your life!

Videos on the Importance of breathing

Max Strom is an author who has written two books and three TED Talks all based on the concept of intentional breathing techniques. His company 'Breathe to Heal' offers an online course on how to start utilising Max's breathing methods in order to reduce stress and anxiety.

Pranayama is the process of breathe regulation mainly associated with Yoga. The goal of Pranayama is to connect your body and mind, it also supplies the body with oxygen and removes toxins. Heres a video from 'Mind Body Soul' on the importance of Pranayama and some beginners exercises to get you started!

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