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Running for Beginners: Never too late to start

While researching for this blog, I came across a very insightful observation: ' if exercise was a pill, it would be the most popular pill in the world'. In the case of jogging, this pill would also be the least expensive with little to no cost.

There aren't many things you can do to keep your fitness up while gyms are closed and at the same time being asked to stay in your 5k radius. Thats why so many people took up jogging since the start of quarantine. For some this became a ritual, a new healthy habit which gave them stability and structure during a time where both of those things were hard to come by.

Jogging is a fantastic thing to start doing for your physical and mental wellbeing. It's been linked to countless health benefits such as strengthening your immune system, weight loss, coping with depression or stress, and drastically help decrease your chance of premature death. Have we sold you on it yet? Great, let us talk you through how you can start getting out there yourself.

Get your running boots on and get out there!

To do this, you're going to actually have to own a pair of running shoes first! There are plenty of beginners running shoes out there, as long as they are comfortable for you to jog in for an extended period of time. Irish websites such as TheRunHub and Elverys are great places to get started.

If you are a total beginner, there are plenty of programmes you can check out online to get yourself to that golden 5k benchmark. The Irish Heart Foundation posted a full 'Couch to 5k' plan on their website which is an 8 week gradual process which will leave you eventually being able to run the distance without stopping, which you can access here!

Track your runs by downloading one of the tracker apps available for iPhone and Android. This will give you an idea of where your progress is at, and it's also a great way to log your times and routes you take each day. Some of our favourite apps include the Under Armour 'Map my Run' App, Strava's 'Run, Stride and Swim' App and the Couch to 5k Official App which gives you a nine week plan.

Get That Back Straight!

Many people just head straight out on the road without researching how to actually run properly. Here's a quick video on how to get your body language, posture and feet positioning all correct before you head out there:

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