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Recipe- Chocolate Chip Banana Cake


150g of butter

4 bananas

120g cream

450g flour

2 eggs

5g baking soda

100g dark chocolate


1. Add the melted butter, cream and sugar to a bowl and mix well

2. Add the eggs and mix again, after fold in the flour and baking soda and beat for 2 minutes

3. Mash up the bananas into a paste like texture, and add to the mixture in stages

4. Line/Grease a baking tin and add half of the mixture gently. Break up the chocolate into chunks and add on top of the mixture in the baking tin. Add the rest of the mixture over the chocolate.

5. Bake in a pre-heated oven (180c fan assisted 200c regular). Bake until golden or poke the cake with a knife which should come out clean when it is baked fully

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