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Meet the team - Michael McKernan, Head Chef

A quick Q&A with our head chef, Michael

) What’s your favourite KCP dish? This really depends on my mood and the weather of course but on a day like today which is bright and sunny I would like a nice piece of lasagna and a side of Caesar salad. 

2) How long have you been with KCP 

10 years now. 

3) What does a typical day look like for you at KCP?

Pretty full on from start to finish to be honest , the place doesn’t stop! Thankfully there is always something to be done and with having such a large team and so many aspects of the company I am always kept busy.

4) Where/how did you start your culinary journey?

It started as a kitchen porter/ assistant in a restaurant just outside my home town of Newry, my  mum was sick of us being around the house and told us to get a job and earn some money so  with her help I found a job and have been involved in kitchens ever since. 

5) One thing you love about your job? 

I love my team, each one of them is so different, they all have different skills and humour but they all get on so well, they are all just fantastic. 

6) One item/ingredient your couldn’t live without (why)?

I honestly can’t answer this it all depends on the job or the task. Although at the moment with this lockdown carryon and the fantastic weather I am obsessed with both my mixing machine for a bit of baking and the bbq. 

7) You’re secret culinary tip

Patience, just have patience. 

8) What does Eat Well mean to you?

Eat what you like and enjoy it. 

9) What does Live well mean to you?

Travel and experience new things all the time. 

10)  You’re favourite place to eat in Dublin (that’s not KCP)?

My house, between myself and my wife we are always cooking great food and having people around to enjoy it with us, we love entertaining and there’s no where like home to do it.

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