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Your weekly guide to living better

Introducing the new KC Peaches LIVE WELL WEEKLY PLANNER.

We want to build a happy and healthier way of life so we asked our friends and KCP family to help out. The planner is full of health & fitness advice, food & nutrition tips, challenges, recipes plus lots more. 

Find the planner on our Instagram and Facebook or on our website. You can also download a free weekly planner template if you want to make your own.

Each week we bring you a new recipe from our amazing team, health & fitness advice from our friend Tri Coach Bjorn, and food & nutritional advice from the amazing Paula Mee.

Take part in our weekly fitness and food challenges at your own pace, or track your mood on our daily mood tracker and follow our mental wellness tips when you need a little mental boost.


Living well isn't about grueling workouts or tough to stick to diets, it's about balance, fun, and forming lifelong, sustainable practices. 

A new planner is released each week.

For resources, further tools and past planners visit our BLOG.

Download a free version of

our planner so you can make

your own! Includes mood tracker.

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